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The 3 Laws To Keep Calm & Thrive

How I surfed through tough times with ease by understanding these 3 universal laws

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It’s Not Easy being a dog lover

If you’re a dog lover (or animal lover), you know it’s not easy scrolling through your social media feed, because often you’d see depressing news about how animals are abused or mistreated.

We can’t help but feel angry and it’s actually very tiring. When I started rescuing dogs in 2007, I became depressed and broke. My life was miserable. But in 2013, my dogs helped me discovered new knowledge that transformed my life.

Remember, we can’t help others (humans or animals) if we are sick, broke or dead. So, download my free guide if you want to live a happier life with you dogs or animals, and do more for them. 

The 3 Universal Laws

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