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Hi! I’m Chetz.

I’m gonna share with you my story on how I found a better way to achieve success and live an awesome life.

I’m in my 40’s now and 20 years ago what I did to create my dream life was totally different from what I do now.

When I was a teenager I was really motivated to be a millionaire and do great things because people around me kept underestimating me. I believe this is because I was, and still am, DIFFERENT from them.

I was born in the 70’s. At this time, especially in the area where I grew up, we didn’t know anything much about transgender or other LGBT+.

While most family would force their child to behave according to their gender, I was very blessed to have a grandfather who supported me to be my true self.

My grandparents took care of me since I was 44 days old. When I was a child I believed my grandparents were my parents.

I still remember how my grandfather would response when his friends asked about me.

FAQ 1: Is the kid a boy or a girl?

FAQ 2: Is the kid yours?

And my grandfather would always answer, “He’s a boy and his my youngest child.” Then he would look at me and smiled.

My grandmother would get irritated at him because he liked to say things that were obviously not true or we didn’t know that it would be true because it had not happened yet.

Like when people worried that I didn’t want to go to school, he would say, “This one will go study overseas.”

And true enough, I graduated from Marquette University, Milwaukee, U.S.A. in 1998 with bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering.

A girl from a small town in Johor, Malaysia, who dressed and behaved as a boy and didn’t go to school until age 11. Who would believe that? Well, my grandfather did.

Sadly, he didn’t get to send me off at the airport or see me graduated because he passed away when I was 12.

Life wasn’t as great after that because the one person who supported me 100% wasn’t there. But I’m blessed that he was a major part of my life and I learned a lot from him.

I remember one time at a bus stop when I was a teenager going home from school, a bunch of boys shouting some bad words at me. I just smiled and walked away. In my head, “You poor boys are gonna die in this small boring town, but I’m gonna be successful and do great things.”

At that point, my dream was to become a millionaire and motivational speaker. I read a lot of motivational books from people like Napoleon Hills, Zig Ziglar and Robert Kiyosaki. I also spent thousands of Ringgits to go to seminars to learn about how to achieve success.

I applied the things I learned which mainly, WORK HARD, FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, TAKE RISK, DON’T GIVE UP.

For more than a decade I suffered, stressed and exhausted. Yet, I didn’t see slightest “success” that I dreamed of.

But this change in 2013, after I got remanded due to my dog video that went viral because it offended people.

In case you don’t know, the culture here in Malaysia, the Malays cannot have dogs as pets. Dogs are “haram”, which means if you touch them, you go to Hell.”

Until now I still don’t understand why the whole country became hysterical, because it’s not like I went from house to house and force the Malays to touch my dogs.

Anyway, this event got me into thinking real hard about what did I miss or did wrong in my pursuit of making my dreams a reality.

That’s when I discovered Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. From them, I learned a new way to living an awesome life and the best examples are from the beasts or the animals on this earth.

I started to observe my dogs and applied what I learned from Abraham and my dogs. Magical things happened and my life got better and better.

Sometimes I wish I had knew this knowledge sooner, so I wouldn’t have to suffer for 2 decades. But I also understand now that “Everything is as it should be.”

And now I’m inspired to share my story and experience about living an awesome life, what I learned from my dogs, to those who want to make their dreams a reality with ease and fun and not through suffering.

You don’t have to suffer to be happy.

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