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Reo’s Food Allergy

Recently I found out that Reo has food allergy. I believe he’s allergic to pork products.

When my best friend came to visit, she brought lots of treats for the beasts. She accidentally picked up a treat that had pork in it.


When my best friend was here, I noticed Reo started scratching his butt on the floor. He’s never done that.

There were also a small scratch wound on his right eye and cheek, but at first I thought he was playing with Jersey then turned to fight when I wasn’t around.

He looked ok when I left the house to go KL for 4 days.

When I was away, a petsitter would come to feed and clean their place.

When I arrived home, I felt it was strange I didn’t really hear Reo’s barking.

Usually he’d bark the loudest.

I was shocked when I saw him. 

The area around his eyes were red and swollen.

The wound on his cheek also bigger.

Quickly brought him to the vet. He got jab and pills for the itchiness.

After the vet, he went to sleep. I think for few days he couldn’t really sleep because of the itch.

But that night he woke up around 1am and again around 4am scratching.

Next morning I called the vet again informing her that Reo’s itchiness was still bad.

The vet gave another type of itchy medicine called Apoquel and also antibiotics.

The new medicine seemed to work as he only woke up once to scratch.

The next day the rings around his eyes were not as red but still a bit swollen.

For more than a week he had lamb instead of his regular chicken and beef meal.

I read all the ingredients in all the treats that we gave him.

I believe Reo’s is allergic with the ingredients in this Nutri Chomps.

This is the only treat where honestly, I felt scared when reading it.

Errmmm why does it have Titanium in the ingredient?

This is also the first time I saw this warning on a treat!

“Be sure to wash hands after handling any dog treat.”

This dog treat is sterilised by irradiation.

I think the word “irradiation” is made up just to confuse people.

When I first read it, I thought “irradiation” means not using radiation.

I thought it’d be the same as “irresponsible” which is the opposite of responsible.

But it turns out that, according to Wikipedia, irradiation is the process by which an object is exposed to radiation.

I read about this food irradiation and it seems safe. But I still don’t feel that it’s good.

Lessons Learned:

1. Don’t buy new food/treats when you’re rushing.

2. Make sure you read the ingredients of the dog food/treats AND where it was made.

3. Don’t give your dog new food/treats if you’re going away for a few days.

When you give your dog new treats/food, you need to monitor them for a few days because, like in Reo’s case, it gotten worse after a few days.

I’m just grateful that it only caused itchiness and not worse.

Reo is back to beast now. Only he looks a bit like raccoon with that black circles around his eyes.

Sokay Reo, you’re still handsome k. Hihihihi …

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