When Going Through Shitty Journey

Dog Lover & Founder of Beasts Barn.
I decided to write about my challenging journey so that I’d feel like my life is moving.

For the past 3 weeks, I felt my life just stopped.

All I did was driving and walking around in circle. It was frustrating and depressing.

Why do I want to continue with my life?

When I visualized my future, Jersey was there. At this moment she is not.

Then I looked at Yusni, Ciku and Golek. I still have them.

I used to have 13 dogs. Then one by one left me. I know at one point, these three will leave me too.

The worst part of loving a dog is knowing the high probability that they would leave you first.

For me, the worst heart break is when my dog left me.

Every time one left, there’s a screamed inside me (sometimes out loud), “Please kill me now!”

Then I turned my head and saw I still have another whom I love and I need to take care of.

My life continued.

What will happen when I come to the last one? And then what? That’s the time to REALLY kill me?

That’s my life? Was this the agreement I had when I came into this life?

What about getting another dog? Get another dog and endure this pain all over again?


Then after that thoughts and the feeling of sadness, frustration and anger, there’d be another voice that say …”This too shall pass”.

I know better now. Now I know about how the Universe works.

All those negative thoughts, negative feelings … those are the default or culturally conditioned reaction when this kind of situation happens to someone.

But I can choose to think and feel differently.

I can think positive situations and positive outcomes.

Y’know nobody really know for sure what is happening to Jersey, or anything that’s not in front of them now or anything that will happen in the future.

But yet, the first reaction is WORRY, FEAR and SADNESS.

Of all the hundreds of thoughts that we can think of, most of our thoughts would be negative.

What about …

She might be having the time of her life?

She’s roaming freely, smelling new smell, seeing new things?

What about … she knows how to come back, it’s just that she doesn’t want to come back yet because she’s having fun?

What about … she might meet a few dogs and becomes the head of the gangster pack?

Nobody knows Jersey better than I do. Nobody is more connected to her than I am.

I do believe in animal communications and I know my emotion is getting in the way when I want to communicate with Jersey.

Even the expert professional animal communicators (AC) sometimes would ask other AC to help communicate with their own animals.

But I also believe in trusting your own guts feeling, your own intuition, especially if you’re very close to your pet or any subjects.

I know everything is based on our beliefs.

I’ve experienced and seen a lot of dogs who beat the odds.

I’ve seen with my own eyes how my own dogs thrive in bad situations.

So I’m sure my belief on the strength of the dogs and their survival are much much stronger than those who are not exposed much to dogs in bad shape or situations.

And I’m sure through all the shits I had been through, my belief in the wellbeing of all beings and that no matter how bad it looks, things can turn out ok are also much much stronger than those who has not been through shit much.

Now I’m starting to feel that maybe I went through all these shits so I can be a better uplifter or better at giving hope to others.

Sometimes all we need is hope.


Animal Communicators, Pet Lost Search Volunteers & Pet Detective

If your fur baby is going on adventure on his/her own, you can go seek for helps and support  from others like AC but when choosing your AC, choose the ones that have some sort of training on how to consult distressed humans or have had experienced distress themselves (although this can be subjective).

This is because when we’re missing something that close to our heart, we will be in distress and if someone cannot give solutions, at least they can help SOOTHE us, give us some kind of relief and hope … that would help.

But we do NOT need information that does NOT help with finding them and does not help in soothing or relieving our pain especially when we JUST lost the pet (maybe within a week, again time is perception. When you’re in distress one hour can feel like forever).

All we want to do is to find our dog, right? That is our MAIN purpose.

Does information like “Your dog is an old soul. This is your dog last dog life, next life she will be human”, would help the person who is searching for his/her dog who just went missing a few days ago?


Does information like “She’s walking following a light. The light might be guiding her home or she’s leaving her physical body.” would help if you know your dog is a tough cookie, your dog has just been missing for a few days and your gut feeling said she’s still ok?


Those are some answers I got when I was asking for guidance to find Jersey.

As I thought of these answers, I thought of the people who might be in this similar situation but don’t have the same beliefs, experiences and characters as I do.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe that my dogs can come back to me in their next life if they choose to. I still have the chance to be with them again.

I also can still connect with them when they’re in non-physical realm.

This belief makes it a bit easier to manage the pain of not seeing them physically.

But what if someone who doesn’t believe in that?

Let’s say someone who believe that all dogs will go to heaven and they can see them if they go to heaven.

What if they don’t believe that they will go to heaven or it most probably gonna take them another 50 years to see their dog?

Or someone who doesn’t believe in such things? His/her dog is the ONLY being that makes them happy and this is the ONLY time that they can be together?

For them, there’s no such thing as afterlife.  When they die, they become dust.

What would these people feel when they heard that kind of answers?

The answers don’t help them in finding their dog but instead make them feel worse!

Friends & family

Also you might not want to tell all of your friends and family about your missing dog.

Tell those who can help you search or soothe and support you emotionally.

You don’t want to tell caring negative people whom you will see every day.

Why? Because of their caring nature, they will ask you every day whether you already found your dog and give that “worry” face or stories that you don’t have to know; e.g. how their dog would have been hit or not found if they lost them, how sad you might be because if this happens to them they would be devastated.

Imagine listening to that every day!


This is not my advice to AC or psychics who are helping people who just lost their pets. I’m no expert, but this is what I would do in the event of needing to help someone in the future, based on MY experience.

I would find something to soothe them if I can’t give them solution or some kind of information that can help with the search like the description of the areas the dog currently at or might past by during his/her adventurous journey.

While information like, “dogs and animals don’t perceive time like we do, so it might be now or yesterday. We don’t know.” might be true but adding this statement doesn’t help someone who is desperately looking for their beloved dog.

For them it’s wasting their previous few seconds of listening to you instead of looking for their dog.

The main thing I will give them is hope and soothe their feelings like what I know about the beasts of this world and all the success stories.


So, whether we just lost your pet or facing some kind of shitty situations, always keep in mind that there are a lot of things that we don’t know and it’s much better to be hopeful than be depressed.

We never know what will happen. Instead of choosing “worry”, think of positive outcomes.

Follow our own gut feelings.

Most people mean well, it’s just sometimes we are not in the same frequency, they don’t have similar experience as we do or we’re in environment that won’t help.

For example, your AC might describe the location, but if you live in a place where there are many places that match their description, it will also be challenging and after days of searching, seeing the same thing except your dog, it would make you really frustrated.

So you need someone who can also support you emotionally.

I’m grateful to have my best friend with me on the phone all the times.

If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, scream.

If you need to blame yourself, feel guilty or blame others, DO IT. No judgment.

Don’t suppress your feelings. Do what YOU need to do to feel better.

The faster you let it out, the faster you can let it go and move on and with more energy, you can search longer and be more effective.

These feelings will pass. It will come again but if you already released it at some point, the next time it comes back it won’t be as bad.

There will be ups and downs, but focus on moving to those hopeful feelings.

Be selective of what others tell you, even if they are professional, you know YOU and your dog better than anyone.


That’s what I’m working on right now, to TRUST MYSELF.

Trust my gut feelings and know that I’m not alone. I have Source that supports me.

I have my own guidance and all I need to do is to be in that sweet spot, in that receptive mode to receive them.

All is well.

Today’s Lessons

Follow your own gut feelings.
Trust Yourself.
Be selective on who you tell your problem to.
Don’t listen to everything others tell you.
Choose good feeling thoughts.

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