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22 AUGUST, 2016

On July 31st, Jersey decided to have some adventure by trying to get closer to the pigeons on the road … and she fell off the truck.

Immediately I stopped the truck but by the time I was out I saw her she already about 100 meters away.

I blinked and she was gone.

I quickly went back in the truck to chase her but she’s nowhere to be found even after hours of searching.

The next two weeks after that was really Hell for me. I was driving and walking around like cockroach without head.

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Didn’t go to work for a few days, slept 2-3 hours a day.

Anger, frustration, guilt, fear, sadness, hopelessness, all these feelings were making my physical exhaustion worse.

I was depressed. The one being that made me so happy, who made me looking forward to come home, who made me smile the moment I reached the front gate was not there when I came home.

After about two weeks I felt my physical mind and body had done their very best, I was really exhausted and I felt that it’s time to surrender to the Universe.

I already went everywhere and at different times of the day, I already asked professional animal communicators to talk to Jersey and did map dowsings.


I realized the only thing I didn’t do in that two weeks was applying what I know about the Laws of the Universe.

What I know about manifesting what I want.

What I know about experiencing contrasts or challenges.

What I know about the beasts of this world.

I was too caught up in my anger and my guilt that I returned to my old ways of getting what I want …

No pain, no gain …

Determination …

Working hard …

Make things happen …

But I know better than this. I know better ways.


So on Friday, after nearly two weeks of searching 5 – 6 hours/day, instead of going out to search for Jersey that night, I decided to stay home to rest and meditate.

I looked back at what had happened, what I did and what I had learned.

Y’know I had been learning about animal communication, telepathy and remote viewing before but I had never practiced them.

Since this happened, I learned more about them and actually applied them.

A few times when I meditated I experienced things I’ve never experienced before.
I believe I’ve shifted to another level.

I remembered when I just started meditating, when I closed my eyes, I just saw darkness. It’s either black or red if it’s sunny or if the lights were on.

The next phase of my meditation progress was I started to see energy of different colors, pink, green, blue and purple and sometimes my head and face were buzzing.

Last week there were a few times when I meditated, I saw things as if my eyes were open.

It was like watching a black and white movie.

The first time when it happened, I was watching energy swirling or moving around where suddenly there was a small round opening and it grew bigger.

I saw Jersey walking under a bunch of short trees. It happened three times when I meditated that day and I noticed they happened when I was really tired, when I nearly fell asleep when meditating.

So after that I searched areas that look similar to what I saw during meditation, but still I didn’t see her.

Well, as they said, all these skills need practice. There are bigger probability that the result I got from my map dowsing, pendulum truth testing, animal communication and telepathy were inaccurate because I’m new at this plus I was tired physically and emotionally.

I do appreciate and grateful for the daily signs I got from the Universe that I’m on the right path like the repeating numbers, synchronicity and swam of birds, dragon flies and butterflies that seems to be following me.

With all these evidence, now I realized and know if I really wanna do something I can, if I wanna have something I can.

Now I decided instead of thinking thoughts that depressed me or making me feel overwhelm, I’m going to see the positive things from this and apply what I know about the laws of the Universe.

It’s all about what YOU believe. YOU attract what YOU believe.

So believe in what YOU WANT to achieve. I want Jersey to safely come home to me.

I make this my first priority; visualizing Jersey is found and is at home with me.

It’s not easy, there were times I failed at this but I know I’ll get better and better.

Next I’ll share with you what you might want to do or might not want to do if your beloved dog (or pet) is out there on adventure on their own (I prefer this description than thinking of them as “lost”) in order to reduce your stress.

To be continued …

Today’s Lessons

Believe in what YOU want.
Focus on positive thoughts.
Look for the positive parts.
Take a break.
Surrender but don’t give up.

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