Discovering Passion Through Contrasts

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22 SEPT, 2016

Have you ever wondered what your passion is? I believe a lot of people are interested in many things, but it’s really hard to know which one of those things they’re really passionate about.

And usually when we read about how to discover your passion, most teachers would tell you to ask yourselves, “what would you like to do every day, for the rest of your life, even if you wouldn’t get paid for it?”

It’s very hard for me to THINK of an answer to that question because there are many things I would like to do every day for the rest of my life.

I’d love to help and feed the stray dogs.

I’d love to play with my dogs.

I’d love to move things using my mind (telekinesis) for fun.

I’d love to teach people about the laws of the universe.

I’d love to play the guitar.

And the list goes on.

For awhile I had this question, “but what am I really passionate about?”

Well, I got that answer yesterday and the cool thing is, it’s not me or my physical mind who thought of the answer.

It was given by my Higher Self, showed by the Universe.

: Contrasts Give Clarity

If you’ve read my previous posts, you knew that my dog, Jersey, went missing on July 31st, 2016. I haven’t written an update about that, but she’s back home on September 3rd.

That was a HUGE contrast for me. HUGEEEEE, HUGE contrast.

I discovered a lot of things about myself and experienced what I learned about the laws of the Universe, which I will write in another post.

Then yesterday I had two contrasts while I was at work.

Knowing that I’m the creator of my own reality through the vibration I project, I looked back at the things that I was thinking about and how I was feeling before these big contrasts happened to me.

On July 31st, I was remembering the day I was brought to the police station because of my Eid video.

I felt really angry even though this happened three years ago.

I felt frustrated because I couldn’t do what I like or say what I want to say openly.

I can’t be who I truly am and express myself freely.

I felt like I had to follow, agree and do what the majority of people or those who have more “authority” want and expect me to do.

It felt SUCK.

Since I woke up that day that was how I felt mostly.

Then that evening, Jersey fell off the truck and went missing for 33 days.

As for the two contrasts that happened at work yesterday, although they were not as huge as missing Jersey, they knocked down my vibration pretty hard and sort of affecting me the whole day.

And looking back at the night before that happened; I was pissed off about what happened to my friend.

What happened to him reminded me of what happened to me on July 31st, 2013.

Again, that memory of me being dragged to the police station, being questioned so many times about my lifestyle and the things I believe in really pissed me off.

I realized I had a HUGE momentum about this. So huge that it caused nearly instant manifestation of other negative things and experiences.

: When You Know What You Don’t Want …

Abraham said when you really really know what you don’t want, you also really really know what you do want.

With these contrasts, I discovered that I’m really passionate about being able to live authentically, being able to be who you really are without any fear.

I’m so passionate about being who I really am that when I feel negative emotion because I can’t be myself, I get INSTANT manifestation of similar negative experience from the Universe.

I have no doubt that my vibration about this is very strong because this morning I saw the floor in my living room cracked.

: Shifting the Focus

Realizing how powerful the momentum is, I believe that once I’m able to focus on the opposite of what I really hate (not able to be myself freely) which is being able to be who I really am, then I will get INSTANT manifestation of positive things and experiences!

So yesterday, I looked through my notebook and also remembered all the things I did that manifested the event of finding Jersey and brought her home.

journalBy the way, yes my writing is not that great, but in that picture, that my writing using my left hand (non-dominant hand). This is one of exercises I learned from Sonia Choquette in her Tune In course.

Here I listed down the things I did, what were my thoughts and also feelings.

  1. I really really wanted to find her.
  2. I let myself experienced all the negative emotions (anger, sadness, guilt etc) without judgment.
  3. I surrendered to the Universe.
  4. I learned about finding lost dogs and using intuition.
  5. I got professional Animal Communicators to help.
  6. I meditated using my brainwave entrainment music.
  7. I did creative visualization.
  8. I looked for positive aspects instead of worry about what would happen.
  9. I didn’t listen to what people said.
  10. I don’t believe in statistic.
  11. I soothed myself by telling myself that I know how the Universe works and it has proven me many times.
  12. I looked for evidences that it is possible (I read stories of pets who were found).
  13. I listened to Abraham Hicks every day.
  14. I did Abraham’s processes: Scripting, Placemat and List of Appreciations.
  15. I set a manageable time to look for Jersey everyday (1 hour).
  16. While looking for her, I fed the strays and took their pictures (things that make me happy) to distract myself from the awareness that “I haven’t found Jersey yet”.
  17. I planned and talked about how I’m going to celebrate when I found her.
  18. I talked about what I’m going to do to her when I found her.
  19. I didn’t put on social media or tell all my friends that I had lost my dog. I only told people once I found her.
  20. I didn’t think much about other things. I only focus on finding my dog.
  21. I did my normal daily stuff as if I already found her.
  22. When I did the visualization and talked about finding her, I felt mostly hopeful and I felt sure that I will find her whenever I rampaged about the positive things I know about Jersey and how the Universe works.

: Applying What Works

So, I’m going to apply those things that helped me found Jersey for the next part of my journey which is living my authentic life freely.

I’m not going to share specific details of what I really want to achieve, but within a month or two you probably know what it is (list #19 :) ).

I believe that if I could bring Jersey home in 33 days, this thing that I want to achieve would probably take the same amount of time or less.

Anyway, time is just an illusion. It doesn’t matter really.

What really matters is I’m having fun in this journey.

It’s all good.

Stay tune for updates!

“Sometimes your Inner Being will call you into something that you would call a problem in order to get you to ask a question that will serve you in a more stronger and powerful way.
And that’s what this is all about. Now you understand.”


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