Introvert’s Guide on How to Attract Women

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Do you consider yourself as an introvert?

Do you enjoy having coffee or meal alone at a cafe with your favourite book or music and just watching people passing by?

Do you prefer to spend time with your dog/cat at home on the couch watching your favourite shows on TV instead of partying with friends on Friday nights?

If this is you and you’re single, you most probably thinking to yourself …

How the Hell Am Gonna Meet My Soulmate?!!!


I had that question for quite a long time after I got over being mad at women. But that is another story.

Here I wanna share with you how a very quite loner, whose hands would get all sweaty and stomach would get a gastric attack just thinking of going over to a girl to say hi, got the girl of his dream.

Invest In Yourself

Once I got over hating women, I decided to learn how their mind actually works and how to attract them.

So I invested my time and money in books, studying and testing the materials.

At first I would go out to clubs or social gathering with my friends (which means one or two of my buddies) just to watch how other men, butches or women flirting or trying to get attention of some girls.


Most of the time I would laugh as these guys were making the mistakes I read from those books.

It was fun to see what was described in those books happening in front of my eyes.

For example, here are some of the signs that the girl is interested.

  • Let say a girl looks at you then looks away. But within 10 seconds she turns and looks again at you, she’s interested.
  • A girl noticed you and suddenly she starts playing with her hair, licking her lips or touching her neck … Interested.
  • If she seems to change her sitting posture, sitting straighter, pull her shoulders back, and pull her stomach in … she’s interested.

I still remember one day I was having lunch with a friend at a restaurant in KLCC.

I noticed these two girls having coffee just a few tables away from mine.

They’re pretty and one was attractive.

I wasn’t really staring or looking directly at her, but while talking to my friend I could still see her at the corner of my eye.

And she was showing all those signs!

I told my friend, “Hey I think that girl is interested in me too. She’s showing all those signs”.

My friend encouraged me to go and ask for her number.

It took me a while to gather the strength and courage to stand up and walk up to her, but I did it.

I told myself this is just a practice.

Like any other skills, you need a lot of practice to start being good and comfortable at approaching women.

You can start with noticing anything interesting about a girl, her watch, phone, shirt, dance moves or whatever, and walk up to her, give her the complement and walk away.

Remember, it’s a practice.

So, since you don’t expect anything, it’ll be easier and you’ll feel good about yourself and make that girl feels good also.

You’ll also become this mysterious guy/butch/woman who came and disappeared.

If you watched the movie Hitch, did you remember the scene where Hitch first met Sara at a club and they only talked for a short while and then Hitch just left without even asking for her number or asking for a date?

That’s a tactic my friend.

It will make you stick in her mind a little longer. You’re different.

Y’know being introvert has its advantage also in term of attracting women.

Our mysterious, introspective, great listeners and less likely to cheat are a great turn on for most women.

Another tip I’d like to share with you and this is the MOST IMPORTANT tip, not only for attracting women but to have a great life is …

Don’t Give A Fuck About What Women (or ANYONE)Think of You.

That is the Golden Rule of Life.

Once you apply this rule in your life, everything will be easy.

Now let’s get back to the girl I met at KLCC story.

So I went up to her, I can’t remember what I said to her now, but all I remember is I got her phone number!

It was one of the happiest days of my life!

I did it!!! I walked up an attractive girl I didn’t know, asked for her number and I got it!!!

All my investment didn’t go to waste!

After that I started texting her. This was like early 2000 where texting was sort of a new thing.

There was no guide on how to text a girl so she’ll be attracted to you or something like that.

So I just kinda “wing it”.

After a few texts, I got kinda bored. I could feel that I was in the friend zone so I stopped.

I wish I had some guide on how to text a girl correctly back then.

Imagine how easy it is if we can attract girls by just texting, right?


Especially now, who even call?!

Here’s the good news, I found out there is actually a guide on how to attract girls by just texting her!!!

Ask and it is given :)

Rob Judge who runs a blog called Date Hotter Girls, has teamed up with mysterious seduction guru ‘Bobby Rio’ to teach you the principles of how to harness magnetic messaging.

In this FREE video, you’re going to learn how to turn your phone into a magnet… by using a specific sequence of texts called: The Key Lock Sequence.

You will learn how to use three simple text messages to turn a woman on, and get her out on a date.

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Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to capitalize on attraction before it fades
  • The single biggest ingredient for capturing her attention
  • 3 specific types of texts you need to send (in order) to
    turn her on and get her anxious to meet up.
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Be Beast.

Chetz Togom

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