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I just added the tagline for Beasts Barn which is Limitless Living. And I’d like to share with you why I chose this tagline.

When I was a teenager, I always like the tagline, “Be All You Can Be”.

The problem I noticed with our culture and society is that, they actually don’t allow us to be all that we can be.

It is more like BE WHAT I WANT YOU TO BE! Which usually disguise as be what “God” wants you to be.

Not only a lot of us follow what our parents or society believes is good for us, we usually limit ourselves in the things we want to do because we were told to choose ONE thing and be good at it.

A lot of people, like me, have a hard time with this. I have lots of things I love and excited to do, but because I had been listening to most success gurus that say pick ONE and focus on that, for the past two decades I tried to do that and what I discovered was that I just couldn’t do it!

Recently, I decided to throw away that advice and instead follow the advice I got from an alien, Bashar, that thought me that we should act on what excites us the most at every moment until we can’t take it no further and then move to the next excitements.

That’s what I did with this Beasts Barn. I just put all the things I’m excited and love about; Law of Attraction, creating websites, starting and running  online business, animals, music and inspirational stuff.

Whenever I’m excited about Abraham, I upload or write about Abraham stuff. If felt like I wanted to share guitar chords about song I just heard, I did that.

What I found was, for the past few weeks, I was more productive and got lots of stuff done than ever before!

But the best part was, I was having fun most of the time!

When I limit myself to focus on only one thing, there was time where I actually didn’t feel like doing it but because I was “determined” that I must do it, I didn’t enjoy the process.

I was actually stressful.

Let me ask you this, why are we here? To get things done or to have fun?

Well, it’s actually YOUR choice but from my experience, we will never get things done, there will always things to work on and if that is the case, why not just have fun!

When I started doing this, I thought of all the stuff I did in my life and experienced I gained, I was actually inspired with myself!


chetzsoldierWhen I was young, people always made fun of me because I didn’t want wear girls clothes.

I survived that.

I didn’t want to go to school and when I did, I got good grades and people said I cheated during my exams.

No matter what they said, I did well in all my exams, went overseas to study engineering anyway.

None in my family had ever did that.

I did that.

After I graduated, I got a job as an engineer. But I always wanted to have my own business. So I started a café business while still working full time.

The café only lasted for 9 months. I lost everything, deep in debt.

But I started a business. I failed. I got back on my feet.

I did that.

After that, I decided to do it again. This time I quit my job! I started an online business.
Again it failed. And this time I didn’t have any other income and I had 14 rescued dogs! It was horrible.


Yet, I survived that.

When I had many rescued dogs, I always had to move houses because there would always neighbors who would complaint.

Every time I moved house, the house kept on having bigger yards and better place for my dogs.

Who went through all that? I did.

In 2012, I didn’t have a job. I had to move again with my 12 dogs. I was alone.

Had to pack everything, cleaned the old house and also prepared the new house.


I did it.

I had to borrow money to get lorry to move my stuff, I couldn’t get a big enough lorry.

So I had to make 5 trips with my truck, driving one hour journey (2 hours round trips) to the new house with stuff and my dogs.


I did it.

When my dogs were not well, who brought them to the vet?

Me. I did it.

When it was best to let them go cross the rainbow bridge, who was there to be with them and watched them leave?

I did.

When they left their bodies, who had to dig their graves and put their body to rest?

I did. All by myself.

When I was sick, who takes care of my dogs?

I did.

In 2013, people got offended by my video I made years before that and I was locked up, brought to court.


I survived that.

I had been through a lot and I survived. Everything worked out.



And I’m knowledgeable and skilled in lots of things.

I can train dogs.

* no longer available. I’m in the process of moving this free training to Beasts Barn.

I actually can cook if I want to. When I had that café and the chef couldn’t come, I cooked.

I play the guitar. I learned to play myself when I was 7. Learning music instruments come easily to me.

Like music, learning computer programming or any computer software also comes easy for me. I know Visual Basic,, PHP, HTML, CSS.

I was in charge of dynamic modeling software for my ex company. I usually solved the programming issue even the vendor’s support was able to help.

This website, I created and designed it.  It took me just a few minutes to create it using WordPress.

The videos, I shot and edited myself.

I started making online videos in 2007. The reason I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk or Frank Kern is because I had never promoted my stuff.

I felt I wasn’t good enough.

I was too busy looking at others for inspiration.

I kept doing things without recognizing that I did those things.

Do, do, do, do.

This is what happened when you’re too focused on looking in front (future), without the awareness of where you are RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, where you’re standing and the things around you.



Remember, it is a LIFE JOURNEY.

If you want to go to Disneyland and you need to drive 200 miles to that place, do you just look in front of you when you’re driving and visualize how it will be when you arrive at Disneyland all the time?


You’d look around, enjoy the views, make stops and try out the food or places that might be interesting.

You talk to the people in the car or watch your dog feeling the wind that brushes its face.

And yes, of course you might pass through areas that might not be so awesome, a garbage dump maybe, but you’d just put the windows up and continue driving knowing that you will pass that place.

I didn’t really look at it this way until I discovered Abraham and Bashar’s teachings.

I learned to chill and be in the moment.

Only now that I looked at my life and all the things I have learned and experienced and realized that, “Hey, I did good!”

I haven’t arrived in “Disneyland” yet but there are so many places I saw, people I met, food I ate, and stuff I learned. So MANY!

What I discovered is that, whatever happened, even when it is not considered as “success” defined by majority of people, everything is going to work out well.

So just GO DO the things that EXCITES you.

Don’t stop until the day you look at the things you did and say, “Wow, I did those things.”


Go and WOW yourself. That’s the only person you need to impress.

Yesterday I told my best friend. I just realized that I’m actually awesome and I feel I should share my story and what I know about life so I can help others to realize that they are also awesome if they want to.

They may already be awesome but don’t realize it.

My best friend said that I should do that and she even thinks that I might save some lives.

Maybe because she knew how many times I thought of killing myself, but didn’t.

So right now I’m working on writing my story and what I had learned throughout my journey that I believe can help others too.

Stay Tune!

Live awesomely like a beast!

Chetz Togom

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